Manually updating firmware in Unifi APs

Required software, downloading firmware file

We recommend that putty, winscp software be installed on your computer in order to perform this process easily. It is highly recommended that you download the software from their official site.

Download the firmware file suitable for your device at

Change the long original name of the file, consisting of letters and numbers, to fwupdate.bin.

Determine the IP V4 address of your target UAP device with Unifi-Discover or any port scanner software.

Installing the firmware file to the Unifi AP device:

Connect with the SCP File Communication Protocol option to the destination IP address with Winscp.

It will ask for username and password.

Case - 1: If your devices are reset (at factory settings), you can enter ubnt / ubnt.

Case - 2: Your device is still in use in the current wireless system and you are using an Old version Controller software (Device Access specific Super Admin is not defined); You can enter your controller software username and password.

Case - 3: Your device is still used in the current wireless system and you are using a new version controller software; In this case, you must have defined Super Admin specific to device access. You need to use this username and password that you defined. *


Once this section has been successfully passed, go up to the root folder in the file explorer, which displays the Unifi device content on the right side of WinSCP. Enter the TMP folder in the root folder. Find the file you previously downloaded from the file navigator showing the files of your computer on the left and renamed fwupdate.bin. Drag and drop this file into the TMP folder.

Application of firmware file with SSH command.

Let's connect to SSH connect type and target Unifi device with Putty software. Username and password will be entered. (The situation mentioned in connection section with WinSCP-1,2,3)

After successfully passing this part to the command line;

/sbin/ upgrade2 &

Type the command. If it does not give an error, the connection will be interrupted and the firmware software will be applied to the device. If you get the error I could not find on devices with firmware software after version 4.0

/bin/ upgrade2 &

Type the command.


* If this information is not noted, the device will need to be reset (reset). After this point, Status - 1 is valid to access the device. However, it should not be forgotten. When you import the device into the network with a controller software, the device access user name and password will turn into the mandatory device access user name and password when installing the controller software. In other words, you must keep all user name and password definitions in the Unifi controller software installation so that you can access them. Otherwise, a problem such as resetting the devices will occur with each manual update.

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